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Today's price: 100 dollars for one million cybercoins

Today the price is 100 US dollars for one million Ener Cybercoins. The price of cybercoin ener will increase considerably in the coming years. Charity campaign in progress for infrastructure development and research funding

We started from a small

This cybercurrency is not tradable, it is not considered a share in a company, dividends, stock, and it is not the subject of fees and taxes.Cybercoin will be used in the Ener Network circuit for future products that will be developed. The cybercoin will be the most secure in the world and will not be available in vulnerable environments like blockchain.

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What is so special about galacticnet console

free cybercoins

You have the option to generate cybercoins without paying and you can increase the generating speed by inviting users and even receiving prizes.

Purchase of virtual users

You can buy users in your team to increase the generator power. They can be bought for a period of one month, 6 months, one year.

Mining with NTA

Each NTA bought with your cybercoins increases the mining speed. The highest genarating power you have bought is The Master, which increases the mining speed by 30%. The master costs a million coins.

why choose us

customized features

Many generating options implemented by our team.

safety to use

The app contains to many security elements including the pin number.

support Team

Support team available by email: enercyberalchemy@gmail.com.

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satisfaction rating

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increase in users

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mothly active users

The name Ener derives from the Old Norse name "├ćinarr", consisting of two elements Proto-Norse "*aina" (one, alone) plus "*hariaR" (army leader, commander, warrior). The name means "the only army, the army left alone". Many times, the only army is the last warrior, surrounded by enemies.

Enerspace will be dominated by these last warrior.

For this reason, Ener is the symbol of power, will, perseverance and immortality .


the most important elements

Master is the NTA that gives the highest generating power which increases by 30%. It can be bought with one million cybercoins by those who are ECO Premium Member.

The Master

The Master

The option to become an Eco Premium Member can be found in the first and the third column of the application in a black banner and costs 100 dollars.

Eco Premium Member

Eco Premium Member

Each virtual user can be purchased for one month, six months or one year with a single click in the application. Every 24 hours when you start the generator, click on each virtual user to activate it.

Virtual Users in your team

Virtual Users in your team

Charity campaign

Charity campaign for infrastructure development and research funding. Energy is science, technology and research. When you contribute to a charity, you contribute to science. By donating now, we can create a better world. Together we can change the world and be a community in action. Funding research and building an evolution we can make the world a better place together. Giving never made anyone poor. By donating today, we can change lives tomorrow and build stronger communities. If you believe in the future, your contribution can bring many solutions, you make humanity exist and by building solutions you can build the future. You don't have to be rich to donate; you have to be willing. Alone, we do not make much difference, but together, we are strong to face any problem. Charity is a priority.

Let's change the world

Charity is something you believe

You think, you care, you give

Even the smallest contributions count.

Click on button or banner if you want to finance the Ener Network scientific projects.

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